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We are proud to present the 32nd Annual US Capitol Classics, and we welcome you to the Nation’s Capital. Each year since its inception, the Classics has grown steadily and is considered to be among the most prestigious tournaments in the country. It is an arena where martial artists compete in a friendly environment and showcase their strong and graceful martial skills, as well as vie for more than forty five thousand dollars in cash and rewards.

The Classics also provides a great opportunity to meet some of the stars of the Kung Fu and Karate world and see the current champs on the North American Sport Karate Association circuit.

To win an event in the US Capitol Classics is an honor. Top national promoters and experienced officials adhering to the highest standards of competitive judging ensure that honor. But, just as important, the professionalism of the Classics guarantees a smooth, efficient, fair event that allows everyone to feel like a winner.

MAKE YOUR PLANS NOW to be at this year’s competition – an event where you will be part of the greatest display of martial arts talent ever assembled. Good luck and see you at the Classics!

Wounded Warrior Project


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